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Title : [(Adobe Photoshop Elements 10: Maximum Performance : Unleash the Hidden Performance of Elements)] [By (author) Mark Galer ] published on (November, 2011)
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Publisher : Taylor Francis Ltd 28 November 2011
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[(Adobe Photoshop Elements 10: Maximum Performance : Unleash the Hidden Performance of Elements)] [By (author) Mark Galer ] published on (November, 2011) Reviews

  • Gerard
    2019-04-10 17:36

    Practical oriented book. Each chapter in this book describes a specific problem in a photo that is fixed. The good part is that you can download the photos from the author's website. In that way you can perform the same tricks on your own computer. In that way it becomes learning by doing. Going through the book the level of complexity goes up a little, which is good.

  • Bill Lewis
    2019-04-10 16:11

    The book is well illustrated and is broken into a number of lessons that are broken into three major groups but when I went to the website to down load I clicked and got no popup to save as per the instructions. After several failed attempts I got a pop up telling me to install Microsoft Free Downloader. I have downloaded for many years without it and never had any issues I downloaded 20 gig of Photoshop Scrapbook pages and elements over Spring Break never a problem. The instructions state to right click which was different than the other items I had down loaded and on a Vista systen the choice is to Save Target but after being told a unknown program wanted to run the Microsoft downloader was not recognized by Vista saying OK and the download popup window finally appeared.There are nearly 1 1/2 gig of files to download which on my DSL is about 10 meg a minute that is a serious amount of time after paying almost $30 for the book including Postage. So that is around 4 hours of clicking filling in and waiting after paying So an evening wasted getting the videos and image files to be able to use the book. With DVD's costing a dimeto 25 cents retail depending on sales. I can not imagine it could possibly add $1 to the production expense probably more like 25 to 50 cents. The dollar store sells old DVD movies in plastic cases with a color picture on the cover for $1 so how much can a DATA DVD cost with some text on the cover and a paper holder glued in the book. Sometimes the movie begins to play when I pause it and right click and choose save a popup appears asking me to pay before I can download the free movie?Then on top of all of that there are ads on the download page for recomended additional materials for $7 and more time downloading.The book and lessons may be great but I need 5 hours on a medium fast DSL time I am not able to do much else but click and wait over and over.**************************** Additional infoI finished downloading Friday Morning and took the computer with me on a trip While the time necessary is a negative the videos are very well done and can be followed with use of the pause button. My current Sony camera does not export Raw data but the very first thing on the first video is converting a JPG file to Raw and the reasons why this allows better innitial control of the image prior to bringing it into Elements this answered a question that had been near the top of my list. The two videos on Raw were exceptionally useful and I am sure after doing this to a few hundred images will start to be easy. The basic editing video covered almost everything I have covered in half a semester of Elements class so I expect the book to be a very good investment and now that I spent the hours of downloading the videos they are a possitive addition to the book. When I unzipped the image files I recieved numerous error messages stating the encoding wass not going to be loaded and I clicked a dozen or more do it anyway buttons I looked at a few of the files and they opened and seem ok but this error is not something I have seen before perhaps it is because I used the Microsoft downloader. I am going to uninstall it as I have never had to use it before and do not like all the extra clicking that is necessary to get a download started.Bill LewisSunday night 25 Mar 2012

  • Terry O'Brien
    2019-04-18 20:19

    If anyone rates this less than 5 stars because they didn't know what they were buying, shame on them for writing a review.This book by Mark Galer is so good and so detailed and shows the beauty of the software so well that Mark has delivered a gift to us serious hobbyist photographers. Everything you will want to know how to do eventually is already covered.Do you just need to make some camera adjustments such as using Adobe Lightroom would get you? Mark explained Adobe Camera Raw in a way that I realized I never really knew how to make proper adjustments. I am not sure I need Lightroom except for cataloging my photos.Need to just bring out more detail than simple adjustments could do? Mark takes you into a beautiful chapter on polishing your photographs.Do you have an under-exposed picture? Mark shows how to capture the detail back, but not just in the picture, in different areas of the picture, piece by piece.Do you know what adjustment layers are? Do you know what gradient layers are? Do you know what blending modes do? You will. Each project focuses on a specialty you will eventually need.DO you want to extract people and place them in period pieces or different settings? Do you want to bring every strand of hair with you? It is here.Mark says Photoshop Elements 10 can deliver so much power that a full copy of Photoshop is not needed. I believe him.Here is the real gift he gave. Maybe you are like me and just reading how to do something isn't as good as someone sitting next to you explaining it step by step. Mark does that. Each chapter has a free movie with step by step instructions. Not a 5 minute tip, a full blown 20-30 minute rendition.Here is the caveat, you must be prepared to sit with the software and the book and movie and actually learn it by using it. You have to be serious about what you want and the level you want to go. Any success in life requires effort and dedication. To those people willing to put forth the effort, there is no better resource than this wonderful gift.

  • Granny B
    2019-03-30 18:13

    I agree with "The Master." This book isn't for beginners, but it will help a person take both digital photography skills and Elements skills to a whole new level!Though I recently upgraded to Elements 11, I couldn't wait for a new edition of this book, so I bought the most recent version. It's just fine.I didn't need to get any additional downloader. (I always "just say no" to that stuff.) My computer balked a little at the large files, but I discovered that by pressing pause on the download and then pressing resume, the download completed very easily.The workflow for each project is well laid out, and options presented within the context. Though I'm only on Project 4, I'm sure this will be a great reference book when I want to create photos with powerful impact.

  • Snidelyj
    2019-04-11 21:29

    Even though I am was a user of Elements 5, I really never figured out all of the nuances. I could do basic things but nothing out of hte ordinary. With this book, I have already learned a lot, not the least that I can use the raw editor to deal with jpegs. The lassoo works so much better than the one in elements 5. I have taken loads of pictures yet this winter but will love exploring everything that Elements 10 can do. The book has loads of pictures and is well written.

  • Deborah Stephens
    2019-04-16 21:39

    Nice reference & say to use