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Should I take my umbrella Should I buy insurance Which horse should I bet on Every day in business, in love affairs, in forecasting the weather or the stock market questions arise which cannot be answered by a simple yes or no Many of these questions involve probability Probabilistic thinking is as crucially important in ordinary affairs as it is in the most abstruse realms of science This book is the best nontechnical introduction to probability ever written Its author, the late Dr Warren Weaver, was a professor of mathematics, active in the Rockefeller and Sloan foundations , an authority on communications and probability, and distinguished for his work at bridging the gap between science and the average citizen In accessible language and drawing upon the widely diverse writings of thinkers like Kurt Godel, Susanne K.Langer, and Nicholas Bernoulli, Dr Weaver explains such concepts as permutations, independent events, mathematical expectation, the law of averages, Chebychev s theorem, the law of large numbers, and probability distributions He uses a probabilistic viewpoint to illuminate such matters as rare events and coincidences, and also devotes space to the relations of probability and statistics, gambling, and modern scientific research Dr Weaver writes with wit, charm and exceptional clarity His mathematics is elementary, grasp of the subject profound, and examples fascinating They are complemented by 49 delightful drawings by Peg Hosford 13 tables 49 drawings Foreword Index....

Title : Lady Luck: The Theory of Probability (Science Study Series)
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Lady Luck: The Theory of Probability (Science Study Series) Reviews

  • None
    2019-04-26 20:29

    I could not put this book down. The author, Warren Weaver, writes in a very unpretentious, personal voice. He unravels the complex subject of probability in a manner that is both encouraging and challenging. The reader develops a personal intuition for applying basic probability formulae (with careful consideration of relevant factors and an increased sense of self-confidence). I believe this book could be understood by any person familiar with basic algebra. On the other hand, the average physics PhD would likely find it equally interesting, because its intuitive approach is so refreshing.

  • Rating
    2019-04-19 17:28

    I did not buy this book as an introduction into probability but because it was recommended to me as an entertaining and very well written book that has a lot of charm.This may be true for the first 150 pages but I had to force myself to keep reading and finally stopped on page 278. I admit that the book has a lot of charm in the early chapters and it makes fun to follow his examples and explanations.However, after a certain time he gets lost in the same kind of examples and details again and again and again. Frankly speaking, all textbooks about statistics and probability that I read like 15 years ago as a student were better written, more precise, would make their point in just a few (clear) sentence, and provide more than just one kind of examples (gambling). Warren, instead, will go on and on and on and finally finish his thought five pages later just to explain that a coin has 2 sides.

  • J. Rogelio
    2019-03-27 19:10

    This book is an entertaining reading about the history of modern probability theory. I recommend it to everyone interested in learning about history of mathematical knowledge. It goes all the way from ancient Romans up to De Moivre, etc. Its reading is soft and terse since it is intended to the laymen audience. After this book, which is conveniently cheap, I recommend reading Ian Hacking's "An Emergence of Probability", which treats the topic in a more formal way than Weaver. Nevertheless, you will enjoy reading Weaver's exposition. Read it!

  • Philo
    2019-04-03 22:27

    This seems aimed perhaps at a bright high-schooler. That's where I like to start (or sometimes to refresh) my understanding of a subject. It has a really nice pace in setting up all the reasoning on the way to the math side, and plain-language explanations predominate throughout. It took me a lot of poking around to find just this book.

  • Alexander Colby
    2019-04-25 23:30

    An blend of entertaining prose and hard math on the subject of basic probability including a history of the discipline and some examples of real life applications. Really enjoyed as a probability nerd who hasn't got a Masters but loves math.

  • -R
    2019-04-11 19:30

    A fantastic brief read! The language of the text should be approachable for a reader of any standing with the material and feels more like a dialogue than a stilted treatise on statistics (which it is not). This should be a required text for any teenager looking for a glimpse into something other than Call of Duty. I am buying another copy for my nephew this spring!