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Pete the Cat loves his four groovy buttons but can he keep singing without them Pete the Cat is back in another rock n roll story about staying positive no matter what life throws at you Pete is a rock along, sing along Cat and with his Four Groovy Buttons it s easy to keep singing But when his groovy buttons don t want to stay on, what does Pete do Don t worry, it s all good Count along with Pete as he sees the bright side and keeps on rockin Pete the Cat is a NYT bestselling character guaranteed to keep you feeling good, and with a free song, you can sing along too...

Title : Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons
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ISBN : 9780007553679
ISBN13 : 978-0007553679
Format Type : Other Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers 31 Juli 2014
Number of Pages : 40 Seiten
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Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons Reviews

  • K. P.
    2019-04-27 21:08

    Ich bin im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts nach längerem Suchen nach geeigneter englischer Kinderliteratur für eine 2. Grundschulklasse auf "Pete the Cat" gestoßen und war sofort ein Fan des Duos "Eric Litwin-James Dean". Text und Illustration ihrer gemeinsamen Pete-Bücher stehen einander in nichts nach. Erfrischend humorvoll, (vor allem in Kombination mit der mp3) fetzige Songs, sich wiederholende Phrasen (ideal für das Einprägen der englischen Sprache), ausdrucksstarke, herrlich komische Bilder, gewürzt mit einer großen Portion Gelassenheit und Optimismus - all das macht diese Pete-the-Cat-Bücher zu einem Highlight für den Englischunterricht.

  • D. Delong
    2019-05-04 13:58

    I love Pete the Cat and share the books often with my group of 18 3- 4-year-old preschoolers. I preordered this book and just received it. Another hit, I'd say! Here are some of my favorite things about Pete:1) He teaches kids that they shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Buttons pop off...they come and they go, but should you cry? Goodness no!2) This new book is good for early subtraction skills. It even shows the math equations.3) I use the video to learn the songs and the story the way it's meant to be told. Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, and teachers: You can do this, too, to make the book fun with the appropriate groovy singing and sound effects!!4) Colorful and fun illustrations!Have fun!!

  • Healthy FitMom
    2019-05-06 13:04

    My kids love this book because it is written like a song or rap, so it's easy and fun to read with a tempo. The message is basically, "don't sweat the small stuff;" it has been a fantastic learning tool to help build their confidence/positivity. The illustrations are whimsical and the colors pop, just like Pete's buttons!It also introduces the concept of simple math (subtraction), "3-1=2"It comes with a link to the video book!Outstanding children's book with a positive message. Add this one to your library.

  • Doc.Aloha
    2019-04-25 18:04

    PETE THE CAT AND HIS FOUR GROOVY BUTTONS by Eric Litwin5.0/5 *sAfter only a few pages, you and your young reader will become fans of the coolest cat known to children's books. Pete the CAT adds a new level to the goal of "making learning fun", and your first venture into his groovy, hip world will surely not be your last. Pete's retro coolness will appeal to adults as well as kids, making it a pleasure to read (or listen to), even over and over (and over and over again).For the young artists inspired by Pete: the series' brightly-colored illustrations are delightful. (You're likely to find the beloved children in your life starting to draw their own masterpieces of Pete and his feline world, opening up another world of creative expression.) Many children's books are filled with beautiful art, but art that would be overwhelming for a child (or even most adults) to attempt to model. Pete is drawn in a more simplistic way; kids will be pleased at their abilities to create their own likenesses of this charming cat.An added bonus: this particular title (in hardback) comes with a downloadableaudio-visual version of the story. The catchy song, sung by a group of children, is easy to learn. After a listen or two, don't be surprised if kids will be singing the song as you read the book together!Pete the CAT and His Four Groovy Buttons inspires kids to learn and be creative on many levels. It's by far one of the best titles I've seen in Children's books, and I'm betting it will be a classic these kids will read to their own children someday. (You would be wise to check out "Pete's" other books when you add this future favorite to your child's library!) -VERY Highly Recommended(* this is an unsolicited review by a customer who paid for this book. I'm obviously a very enthusiastic fan.)- Doc Aloha Reviews, 6/18/2015

  • Sarah H
    2019-05-11 15:54

    Charming story about a chill cat--I always imagine him as a California hippie--who slowly loses the buttons on his shirt until he's left with just his bellybutton! The pictures are graphic and easy for kids to see, and there is a lot to discuss: numbers, counting, colors, etc. There is a song that the cat repeatedly sings - not sure what the "official" tune is but it is fun to make up your own. I have one song, my husband sings it differently, my mom yet a third way, and so on. It's all good!

  • prisrob
    2019-05-11 17:07

    Most everyone who reads this book loves it. It is colorful, the reading is fairly simple to read and understand. The messages are realistic for all of us, and the best part is that we get to sing on every other page. You can make up your own tune, and just sing along.The author, Eric Litwin has provided several good lessons. We learn how to subtract, we learn to sing along and best of all we learn that stuff comes and stuff goes, and it is no big deal! The illustrations by James Dean are bright, funny, attractive and attention getting. The cover page begs you to come and read. The illustrations are large, and when things get out of hand, the squiggly lines tell us, and we know it is ok. Pete the Cat is a happy fella, not much gets to him, he finds a rainbow behind every adversity, and best of all he sings!This is the kind of book that is infectious. Small children will love the fun words, the singing and the happy colors. This is what a book for children is all about. Happy, lively, fun, bright colors and you learning lessons in small unexpected ways.Highly Recommended. prisrob 01-30-13